Eye Glitter Glue Primer by Yofi


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Eye Glue Primer

Yofi’s Eye Glue Primer is a must-have base sealer for all Yofi eye make-up products. It will keep your make-up looking vibrant and flawless, even after an entire day of wear! Yofi’s Eye Glue Primer is also the ideal glue for holding on loose glitter.

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Eye Glue Primer

Yofi Eye Glue Primer is the ultimate in glitter staying power. This glitter glue is a hypo-allergenic water based gel designed for use on the eye to hold the eye glitter in place. It will last all day and wash off with a wet wipe or soap and water.

Glitter Eye Makeup Tip:

Brush on a very thin layer of the glue and pat (don’t brush) the glitter on top using a makeup brush. Do one eye at a time.

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